Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Party

It's the most beautiful month of the year. Yay! 6 days to go before Christmas. Yesterday it was our Christmas Party. I'm so sad because i'm late. I missed all the games, and the fun. When i arrived their, it's our exchanged gifts already. But here's some pictures and this is what i wore...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

INVASION: Take It to the Next Dimension

The most awaited events in the school, which is the HS Dance. This activity is to deepen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie between and among the students of the high school community. & to provide the students with the opportunity to display their social and dancing skills. This is what i wore last night. & we ended up Women In Black :P Hahaha

The ticket :)

With my friend, Katleen :)
Sorry low quality -_-

My Bracelet thingy.. Haha

(Gonna upload more pictures, SOON) :)

Literature Live!

Students of the Middle Grade School & High School will have to come to school wearing costumes depicting their favorite literary figures or icons. I ended up as Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates and the Caribbean. I'm so happy beacause i'm the level representative of our section. But i'm sad because i loose.. :(